youths urged to stay away from violence

Youths in Githurai 45 of Ruiru sub-county are urging fellow youth to desist from indulging in destructive violent behavior which portrayed them as hooligans to the public.

Speaking to KNA Saturday at Ruiru town, chairman of the youth Mr. Joseph Kamari urged young people in all counties who were engaged in violence to maintain their cool saying if they were arrested, they would be held responsible individually.

The youthful leader cautioned that owing to the frustrations brought about by idleness, some people will be lured into engaging in violent behavior which would lead them into trouble and disturb peace and tranquility in the country.

He said that no one wins during electoral violence adding that it entails players from all opposing sides to educate their supporters on the need for peace and harmony in the country.

Election processes always come with challenges and if not managed carefully could lead to a serious problems that would plunge this country into chaos, he pointed out urging the youths to stand firm against any forms of violence and destruction of life and property.

True loving Kenyans, he said should avoid divisive politics in the country for a better future where they will not be divided along tribal lines.

A Kiambu based business woman Ms. Gladys Chania who vied in the August 8th general election in Kiambu County as county woman representative but lost while speaking on a local TV station said that Kenyans needed civic education to solve political and ideological differences.

As Kenyans, we need civic education to distinguish between political difference and containing political emotions against each other. We are a democratic country which took effort to rebuild after the 2007/2008 post-election violence. We should shun tribal politics despite our own political differences. After elections Kenya remains one, she pointed out during an interview with a local TV station

She urged all political actors despite their ideological differences to call upon their supporters to desist from engaging in demonstrations in a bid to calm down political tension.

Source: Kenya News Agency