Youth ‘Using Drugs’ After Alcohol Swoop

Alcohol addicted youths in Nakuru have now turned to drugs after the swoop on illicit liquor.

A youth leader said yesterday many youth have turned to bhang and kuber drug.

“Youths now are opting for drugs including miraa. The sale of the alternative drugs has been on the rise as the addicts look for something to stimulate them,” Youth leader Hamisi Mohammed said.

“Youths in Rhonda, Shabab, Koinange and Free Area are now opting to take different stimulants to keep them high.”

Mohammed said drug trafficking is taking root in many suburbs.

Youth leader Margaret Nyawira said drugs are being hawked in the open.

“Majority of the youths need rehabilitation and stopping the supply of alcohol did not help. They have been going to different areas in search of drugs, including hashish and cocaine,” she said.

Resident Jane Mukami urged the government to come up with a proper rehabilitation plan.

“They need the drugs removed from their system, otherwise it does not help to cut of their supply. Many are dying from withdrawal symptoms,” she said.

Nakuru Town East MP David Gikaria said they are making a list of addicts for rehabilitation.

“Residents should submit the names of addicts to their area chief,” he said.