Youth Take Part in a 1,000km Walk From Garissa to Mandera

A group of youth which walked 1,000km from Garissa arrived in Mandera on Saturday.

The Walk of Hope team trekked for six weeks.

Hundreds of residents, led by county commissioner Alex ole Nkoyo, received them at Mandera Border Point One.

“When we started, we used to cover up to 30km a day, but with time we came down to an average of 10km,” Salah Abdi, a participant, said.

The team’s medical officer Antony Kivuva said he was motivated to walk after his friends and colleagues fled fearing for their lives following the constant al Shabaab attacks.

Nkoyo said the government will not relent in its war on terror.

He urged residents to volunteer information of suspected criminals in their midst and campaign against terror.