Youth should leverage on ICT and Promote national cohesion

Information, Communication and Technology Cabinet Secretary Joe Mucheru has asked student leaders in various universities to choose peace.

As youth leaders, the CS said they have a great challenge and should be not only role models but nationalist leaders too among their peers.

Giving a key note address on how youth can leverage on ICT to create job opportunities, mitigate negative influence online to promote national cohesion and integration and peaceful election at Kenya School of government, Mucheru said government has made great strides in ICT development by laying down an appropriate framework that has created many self-employment opportunities for the young.

You should leverage on this to promote business process off shoring, he said adding that government is keen on ICT initiatives for the country to have a knowledge based economy.

He said that the government has put up two assembly lines in Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) and Moi University where over 450,000 digital learning devises every year will be produced and later government start exporting technology and expanding the programme.

Mucheru added that the Presidential digital talent programme implemented has further been able to train over 500 graduates in ICT and who are now working in government and also private sector and counties

He challenged the youth to be proactive and get engaged in different projects that the government was undertaking, saying there were many job opportunities for them.

To ensure that the young people are not left behind, Mucheru said that they are creating constituency hubs in 1,160 constituencies to have free Wi-Fi and devises that will allow the youth to have free internet.

So far he said they had done 7 and gotten a budget in the current fiscal year to roll out to the rest of the constituencies.

”This is an opportunity for the young people to earn money and through our Ajira platform where jobs are made available , one will need only internet and a devise to work and earn around 300 dollars in 4 hours of working per day , he said

Mucheru further noted that starting next year, the president promised that all graduates from universities will get paid internships for one year in government institutions .

Mucheru who represented the president in the leadership conference called upon the youth to choose peace, to choose patience in their dealings with others and further asked them to be prudent and look for common ground on which to meet as leaders.

On Campaigns and elections, Mucheru said too often people are divided , forget the values they have lit since independence, but said that the time has come to declare a complete break from the cycle saying national elections are a one off event but Kenya still remains.

The National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) Vice Chair Irene Wanyoike urged the youth to live harmoniously and co-exist in order for peace to prevail.

You cannot force people to be peaceful, we remind people of how peace is important in a nation like this , she said adding that as NCIC they have engaged universities in various forums and what remains is just for the students of this country to make decision of promoting peace and be peace ambassadors.

During this elections, be Ambassadors, go vote and go back home, do not be used by anybody, many times youth are the target. Be clever and discern anybody who comes to you and uses you to go higher or to get a bigger position, Wanyoike said .

She said that so far they have employed peace champions in all the 47 counties, recruited social media monitors and trained cohesion monitors who are keeping the commission updated on what is going on in the country.

We are also working with women and youth and have so far trained almost 300 women mediators so that they can resolve small disputes and conflicts at community level,

Wanyoike however raised concern over admission in universities which she said should be incorporating all communities regardless of where it is located, saying every community has something good to offer and there is need to promote diversification.

The National Youth Fund Ronnie Osumba asked the government to continue investing in young people through access of training and opportunities and also through inclusion in their projects.

As youth fund we are currentlysetting up enterprise hubs and mapping out where opportunities lie county by county so that the youth do not have an excuse of saying they do not know where to find jobs.This will see young people have guidelines on what and where they can invest on county by county, he said ,

However Osumba asked the university leaders to ensure there is discipline of purpose and character in their undertakings saying nothing comes out of laziness and Kenya being a youthful country has a wide range of opportunities.

Source: Kenya News Agency