Young Turks vow to rally behind jubilee government.

The youth is tired of being used as perpetrators of anarchy and lawlessness during campaign meetings and it’s time their contribution was factored in decision making forums, Secretary General Jubilee Young Turks Jamal Abdurrahaman has said

Speaking during the official launch of the Jubilee Young Turks Thika Chapter on Saturday Abdurrahaman,pointed that the youth comprises over the 10 million of the registered voters and its time they be allowed to decide the direction the country will take in the next coming general elections.

Out of the 19 million registered voters 10 million are youths between ages 18 -35 and we have the power and capacity to decide who should be the next leader of this great nation he said.

Jamal accused the NASA fraternity of balkanizing the country into tribal zones and selling divisive politics in the name of a Manifesto.

Raila Odinga has for the last three decades calculatedly preached tribal politics, hyped the youth against any sitting government in an attempt to make the Country ungovernable we appreciate constructive opposition but what we are seeing now is not health He explained

We are tired of retrogressive ethnic politics the youth want to be taught patriotism, national unity stability and progression and this is evident in the Jubilee GovernmentHe said

Jamal promised to marshal support for Jubilee saying that the Jubilee government has created an enabling environment for the youth to engage in entrepreneurial practices by ensuring that the entire Country is connected to electricity, and manyyouths have been involved in Governance

Speaking during the same function the founder of the Jubilee Young Turks outfit Julie Njeri Waweru said that the group which comprises of youth from all corners of the Country is committed to reaching out to every youth and to unashamedly expound on the Jubilee government achievements in the last 4 years with an aim of ensuring that all the 10 million plus registered youth participate in the forth coming elections.

She also revealed that the Jubilee young turks fraternity were also out to ensure that nobody misuses the youth by intoxicating them and using them as tools of anarchy.

We are enlightening the youth at the grassroots of their values and reminding them of their responsibilities as the gate keepers of their various communities and telling them they should therefore desist from being used to wreck havoc.

We have also declared war on illicit liquor brewers out to intoxicate the youth and stop them from effectively participating in the ongoing campaigns she revealed.

Source: Kenya News Agency