WRA to revive regular gauging stations to give early warnings over flood waters

The Water Resources Authority (WRA) will revive four regular gauging stations to give early warnings over floods that have in the past caused havoc in Isiolo town and its environs.

The Sub Regional Manager (SRM), Robinson Kimari said the Authority will revive four stations, three of which are located in Buuri Sub-county of Meru County to monitor the rainfall and give early warning to those living downstream over possible floods.

Kimari said the four stations that are situated at Ntugi, Kibirichia Dispensary, Nkando primary school, Ntirimiti secondary school and Acacia, will help check destruction of property and loss of lives as witnessed in the past years.

The officer regretted that the gauging stations are vandalized by unscrupulous individuals who sell them to scrap metal dealers, noting that they will in future use concrete instead of metal apparatus.

He further encouraged members of public to play a role in reducing the volume of through harvesting and storing rain water from their roofs, or constructing small storage structures within their farms.

The SRM lamented that it had become a trend in Isiolo County to move from a serious drought into flood conditions in a matter of days, and called on the members of the public to desist from clearing vegetation and harvesting sand along water courses saying these were a recipe for huge surface runoffs.

Kimari further called on Water Resource Users Association to adhere to the provisions of the constitution by involving women.

I urge you to ensure that 30 percent of your composition comprises of women who are mostly affected by water challenges, he said.

He also cited Ntugi, Mugae, Merile stream and the Airport junction as the flooding spots, and cautioned residents of Isiolo against encroaching on the Merile streamand other water courses.

The WRA Regional Manager for the Ewaso Nyiro North Catchment area, Timothy Mutie said the authority will not forcefully move people involved in illegal water connections upstream, noting that security organs will be engaged to evict adamant farmers.

Mutie said there is no way the authority will allow unscrupulous farmers to continue making illegal connections and denying the people downstream their right to sufficient and quality drinking water.

In the past unscrupulous tycoons have harassed Authority officers who moved in to regulate water use upstream during droughts.

Source: Kenya News Agency