Women’s Rep Joins Kisii Jiggers Fight

Kisii women’s representative Mary Otara yesterday raised concern over the number of schoolchildren infested by jiggers in Bonchari constituency.

Otara said the menace has contributed to high cases of absenteeism among pupils.

She spoke at Etureti Primary School in the constituency during the launch of an anti-jigger drive.

“The jiggers have infested a number of children, that is why we decided to launch the campaign here today,” Otara said.

She said she will collaborate with Ahadi Kenya Trust to fight jiggers.

“I have partnered with Ahadi to provide shoes and medicine to the affected children,” Otara said.

The residents said poverty has contributed to the jigger menace because many families cannot afford basic commodities like soap.

Statistics indicate more than 1.4 million people in Kenya suffer from jigger infestation.

During the drive, more than 100 pupils and 30 elderly persons infested by jiggers were treated.

Otara was with Ahadi projects officer Susan Karanja, training officer Irene Gethune and Knut representative Grace Opingo.