Women aspirants asked to come together

Women aspirants from Trans Nzoia have been asked to forge an alliance that will assist them address issues affecting them.

Speaking during a sensitization workshop at a Kitale hotel Friday, the coordinator of Women Empowerment Link (WEL), a non- governmental organization Ms Jane Waititu also called for women empowerment especially those in leadership positions.

The seminar co-sponsored by USAID was attended by over 50 women aspirants from Trans Nzoia County.

She urged women to help maintain peace during and after elections adding that women played a leading role in peace initiatives.

She said that her organization intends to reach all women aspirants in the country with the aim of encouraging them to embrace peaceful elections.

Waititu noted that a survey carried out last year from opinion and religious leaders showed that traditional ideas about the roles of women restricted their contributions to the development of the country.

She added that tradition has been holding them back from contributing towards the development of the country.

Waititu explained that the empowerment program is meant to increase women participation in decision and policy making at all levels.

We are also aiming at ensuring that women are involved in peace building, conflict prevention and mitigation, she said.

According to Waititu, her organization will partner with other state and non-state actors to strengthen women’s access to resources and opportunities.

She encouraged women to compete favorably in other political seats other than the one reserved for women.

We do not want to rely on nominations to parliament to satisfy the two third gender rule. It is costly to the taxpayers, so let us woo the voters to realize we can serve them better as women, she pointed out.

Waititu urged the electorate to support women and vote for women to meet the one third gender rule to increase representation of women in parliament.

Source: Kenya News Agency