Women And Youth Groups To Meet Set Criteria To Access The Funds

The National Government Affirmative Action Fund (NGAAF) Chairperson, Regina Ndambuki has urged women and youth groups in Makueni to ensure that they meet the requisite requirements before applying for the fund.

Ndambuki noted that many groups had been disqualified for lack of quorum as required in the NGAAF guidelines.

Speaking at Kasikeu in Nzaui Sub County on Friday, the chairperson also said beneficiaries should clearly state the projects they plan to carry out failure to which they will miss out the money.

Groups seeking funding should met the criteria, otherwise NGAAF will not give money to those that do not meet the threshold, she said.

The former Kilome MP also lashed out at group members who sideline other members after receiving the funding.

”We are aware of groups that are run by two or three members and we will not allow that to continue,” added Ndambuki.

She gave out an ultimatum of one week for such groups to enlist enough members as required or be disqualified.

”Women groups should have at least 30 people and 50 for the youth groups for them to be awarded the money. We cannot fund two or three members, noted the NGAAF chair.

Ndambuki also warned groups against misusing the money awarded to them. This fund is meant to empower women and the youth and the money should only be used for the purpose it is intended for, she reiterated.

She also called on local leaders to unite to achieve transformative development for the county.

Source: Kenya News Agency