Woman stabs neighbor to death

A 20- year- old woman stabbed a man to death as he intruded in a conflict involving a couple at Game village, Burat Ward, near Isiolo town.

The assailant identified as Karimi Mugambi, 20, is being sought by police since she ran away after the 8.00 pm incident Friday.

Isiolo central Assistant County Commissioner Otieno Okich said Mugambi used a kitchen knife to stab Osman Abdullahi who had turned up to separate her and the husband, identified as Joseph, as they were engaged in physical fight.

“The deceased was stabbed in the chest with a kitchen knife and the attacker escaped in the dark,” said Okich.

He said the neighbors said they heard commotion between the couple but could not tell what they were quarreling about. The deceased went to separate them upon which he was stabbed by the wife.

He added that the victim was rushed to Isiolo referral hospital where he died from the injuries.

However, Okich urged residents to maintain peace as investigations continue. He promised that the suspect will be arrested soon because police are following promising leads to her whereabouts.

Mugambi’s father is currently admitted at the Isiolo county referral hospital after he was attacked by the deceased family while villagers burned her house to ashes.

Source: Kenya News Agency