Woman refuses to breast feed her child unless paid to do so

Police in Makongeni in the outskirts of Thika town Tuesday arrested a 25 year-old woman who abandoned her four months old baby and refused to breastfeed her unless she is paid 100,000 shillings by her husband.

Ms Faith Nyokabi abandoned her four months old baby at her matrimonial home in Kiganjo estate eight days ago and pleas to have her return to her matrimonial home and take care of the child were futile as she gave a condition that she would not take care of the child unless she receives the 100,000 shillings in cash.

According to her husband Charles Kirii 36, who is a casual laborer in several construction sites, he was called by a neighbor on 1st August telling him that his wife had taken off and left their four months old infant in the house.

He rushed home and found the baby under the care of neighbors and was informed that the baby had been abandoned immediately he left for his place of work and had cried for a very long time, he attempted to get the wife on phone but she refused to pick all his calls.

Helpless and worried he bought a packet of milk and with the help of estate women fed the baby and continued to make frantic calls to his wife.

When my wife finally took my calls, she informed me that she was ok but was abandoning me and my child and was not coming back to me unless I gave her 100,000 shillings. I pleaded with her to come and breast feed the baby and that’s when she revealed that her mother had actually taken her to a local hospital and had her injected with a drug to dry out the milk, he lamented.

Kirii explained that he reported the matter to the Thika Children’s Offices and was referred to Murang’a Children’s offices where he intended to take the infant for temporary care at his aged mother’s home.

He said that he did not have any previous quarrels with his wife but had constantly crossed with his mother in-law who has been making frequent financial demands.

According to the Thika Children’s Officer Lina Mwangi, the woman will be charged with child neglect and denying a child protection and care which is an offence in the children’s Act.

I have advised the father to look for a temporary caregiver who can take care of the infant under his watch as the court makes a ruling, she said.

Source: Kenya News Agency