Woman poisons herself and two children

A 28 year old is fighting for her life at Tenwek hospital after she consumed triatix poison and administered the same to her two sons at Tegat Negoi village in Kuresoi South.

Fancy Chepkemoi is said to have committed the inhumane act on Thursday at around 5am while her husband was away.

According to a relative, Caroline Ngetich who arrived at the homestead at around 8pm, since they had agreed with Chepkemoi to visit a friend within their neighborhood, she found the house locked from inside and called out but there was no response and banged the door to gain access only to find the two sons aged four and a half, and one and a half years lying helplessly on the floor while their mother was breathing heavily.

Ngetich raised the alarm and neighbours streamed into the homestead and rushed the three to Olenguruone sub-county hospital where they were treated and later referred to Tenwek hospital in the evening for further medical attention.

John Kipruto, a nurse at Olenguruone sub-county hospital who attended to the three said that the tests conducted on them turned positive for the arcaricide.

He further noted that the trio are being monitored and there is need for further medical attention, and that is why they were referred to Tenwek hospital.

Chepkemoi’s father in law, Joseph Ngetich was not amused by Fancy’s move to even end the life of his grandchildren, saying that she ought to come out clearly and speak out of her problems for appropriate assistance when marriage hiccups arise.

Ngetich noted that his son, Fancy’s husband, only comes home during the weekend since he works away from home, and would be shocked to find out that her wife had wiped away the entire family.

It is not clear as to why Fancy decided to consume poison and give the same to the children.

Ngetich further revealed that Fancy made a similar attempt in 2017 but received counselling and had become a strong member of the church.

Due to this, Ngetich said that he had no doubt that the woman had fully reformed and was out to be a better mother and wife to her family until Thursday when she committed this act.

He urged young people in marriage to always seek for good marriage advice from the elderly when faced with difficult concerns, in a bid to ensure that the family unit is not threatened and children brought up as responsible citizens in future.

Source: Kenya News Agency