Woman “haunted by ghost” commits suicide

A 22-year-old woman has committed suicide allegedly because she was being haunted by her late mother’s ghost at Sleep village in Matuga constituency, Kwale County. Ms Beatrice Dzame Charo, who was a member of the local community policing team, hanged herself, leaving behind a nine- months-old baby.

However, the deceased did not leave a suicide note that would point to the reason for her drastic action. According to her mother-in-law Ms. Kanga Mwatau, the deceased had woken up very early in the morning after which she went ahead to hang herself on a tree using a Kanga (wrap around) a few metres from her house. She has left behind a nine months old baby. It is very unfortunate and sad, said Ms. Mwatau.

However, a neighbour Ms. Elizabeth Jackson, claimed the deceased had been complaining of being disturbed by the ghost of her late mother, who died earlier this year, an issue that has been causing her a lot of anxiety for quite some time.

The local police boss, Mr. Japheth Kibuga confirmed the incident and said they had launched investigations to ascertain the real cause of death. He however, advised local residents to speak out and share their problems with other people instead of resorting to suicide. The incident brings to three the number of suicides reported in Tsimba/Golini Ward for the past two weeks.

Source: Kenya News Agency