Woman arrested for allegedly growing bhang

The Chief for Kethetu Location in Igembe South, Douglas Miriti on Wednesday arrested a 32 year old woman for allegedly growing bhang alongside her husband in their farm in Kathima village.

The suspect, Christine Kendi is being held at Maua Police Station cells waiting to be arraigned in court after police conclude investigations.

Confirming the incident, Chief Miriti said he took the move following a tip off from members of the public to the effect that some bhang plants had been spotted within Gitonga Mungeria’s farm.

When we visited the home, Gitonga escaped on seeing us and I deemed it prudent to apprehend his wife since it is very unlikely he was engaged in bhang farming without her knowledge, the chief said.

Speaking to KNA, Kendi however, maintained she was innocent, adding she did not even know how the bhang plant looked like.

I only saw the plants today after the chief uprooted them, Kendi said and appealed to the chief and the police to release her and pursue her husband.

Contacted, area Police Boss, David Terer said a manhunt has been launched for Mungeria in order to also charge him with the offense.

Source: Kenya News Agency