Woman Accused Of Killing Husband (Kasarani) To Remain In Custody

The adage about ‘the long arm of the law’ downed on a woman accused of murdering her husband after police arrested and arraigned her in a Kerugoya Law Court.

Ladia Wakuthii will remain in custody until June 30 when her bail application will be heard and determined, the court ordered.

Justice Lucy Gitari said having listened to the arguments of the merits and demerits of granting bail to the accused

person from both the prosecution and the defence, she will deliver her ruling on the said date.

Wakuthii who has been in custody since May 27 when she was arrested, is charged with the murder of her husband Francis Mbogo Ndambiri alias Kasarani.

She was remanded at the Embu GK Prison until the date set by the court to determine her application for being released on bail

Her lawyer, Kimani Njuguna told the court he could not see any compelling reasons to continue holding the accused in custody since the prosecution had not proved how she could interfere with her five employees who have been listed among other 21 witnesses.

Njuguna submitted that although one of the witnesses was a high profile one in the name of the Kirinyaga Deputy Governor Peter Ndambiri, Wakuthii was not in any position to make any interference.

May be due to the status of this high profile person, the bail is not being granted to Wakuthii but this assertion is

neither here nor there, the lawyer submitted.

The lawyer wondered how the accused could at this juncture interfere with the five employees who have remained and are still in her employment since the said murder occurred on August 21, last year.

These witnesses recorded their statements way back in October last year long before Wakuthii was arrested and continued to work for her until this moment the prosecution is laying claims she would interfere with them if released on bail, the lawyer told the court.

Wakuthii has been charged that on August 21 last year within South Ngariama Ranching Scheme, Mwea East Sub-County jointly with others not before the court, she murdered Ndambiri.

Wakuthii has since denied the charges while the State Prosecutor, Geoffrey Obiri is seeking to have her continue being held in prison custody to avoid interfering with potential witnesses.

Obiri told the packed court today that the accused should not be released on bail since she was likely to interfere with potential witnesses most of whom were her employees.

He said he was able to produce in court an affidavit offering compelling reasons why Wakuthii should remain in custody.

Kimani representing the accused had attempted to convince the court of his client’s release further submitted that she was diabetic and dependent on medication which has to be sourced from India on regular basis.

I do not see or find any compelling reason advanced by the prosecution to continue holding Wakuthii in prison custody since she has for about eight months after the said murder remained at her late husband’ home without showing any signs of fleeing and that she will always abide by the bond conditions , he told the court.

The body of Ndambiri was reported missing and later found floating on River Rupingazi within Mbeere South Sub-County.

The scene was close to his Shamba which is on the Kirinyaga County side within the vast South Ngariama Ranching Scheme while the river forms the natural boundary between Embu and Kirinyaga.

Mbogo alias Kasarani had interests in road and building construction within the county and left behind a vast business empire. Wakuthii was the trader’s second wife.

The couple had two palatial homes near Kianyaga market and at the scene of the alleged murder.

Source: Kenya News Agency