Wild fire destroys 37 houses

A fierce wild fire on Monday evening destroyed 37 houses rendering about 200 people homeless in Kipini ward, Tana Delta Sub County. Property of unknown value was also destroyed during the 6.00 pm incident that took place at Bula Secondary village. Nobody was hurt. The inferno is said to have spread very fast from farmlands where farmers had lit fires to clear their land ahead of the coming planting season. Tana Delta Deputy County Commissioner Mike Kimoko and a project assistant with the Kenya Red Cross Society, Mr. Caleb Kilande, confirmed the 6.00 pm incident. They however said the extent of the damage was yet to be ascertained and that an assessment was underway. “The fire caught the residents by surprise and their efforts to put it out were rendered futile by strong winds from the nearby Indian Ocean,” Mr. Kimoko said in a telephone interview. He added, “the cause of fire has not been established, but we have been informed it spread to the village from the local farms where farmers lit fires to clear their farmlands.” The administrator cautioned locals against lighting fires to avoid such calamities, especially because meteorologists have warned of high temperatures in the entire country. On his part, Mr. Kilande said the Kenya Red Cross Society will provide the affected families with non-food items such as tarpaulins, blankets and kitchen sets. Tana Sub County Administrator Mohamed Juge said the Tana River County Government will provide relief food, medicines and water to the families to ease their suffering. Mr. Juge said the procurement process had already been initiated to provide the necessary supplies, and to ensure that disease outbreak does not occur. “Since they are camping in open fields, we have decided to take care of sanitation too, to prevent a possible outbreak of communicable diseases,” he said. By Emmanuel Masha

Source: Kenya News Agency