Why the Youth Hold the Promise for Kenya’s Future [opinion]

Let’s face it. The youth offer the greatest promise for Kenya. They are the largest in number, the most highly educated, and are unshackled by the legacies of tribalism and corruption. They most certainly form the future and promise of Kenya if they are well taken care of. So, how exactly can the Kenyan youth star be restored, and put in its rightful place.

First of all, we would have to invest significantly more on the youth. Let’s create more universities, middle-level colleges, and youth polytechnics. We should aim to build a large skill bank of the youth so that the country moves from a manufacturing and industrial base to a knowledge-based economy. As the great management guru Peter F Drucker notes, this will be the age of the knowledge economy, and companies and countries will not be distinguished by so much as the physical goods they own, but rather by the ideas that they generate. Simply put, ideas will be the new gold.

Secondly, apart from just providing education for the youth, we should aim to make sure we create jobs for them. The jobs that we create should be meaningful and rewarding, and should aim to expand the tax base of the country. In this regard, we should also ensure we make it easier for the youth to start and own businesses. It takes quite an amount of hard work and sacrifice to start and establish a business anywhere in the world. Conversely, Kenya is no different.

In retrospect, we should also ensure we aim to build a country that is devoid of corruption and tribalism. This is the only way we can ensure we have meaningful development. It is a tragedy that whereas Kenya is more than 50 years independent, there are still instances of high-level tribalism. This malaise is so manifest in the youth that one would really ask themselves how such young and brilliant minds can forego nationhood for the tribe. If Tom Mboya could be elected in a Kikuyu constituency in Nairobi, what are the chances that the youth today would even come close to that?