Whales could be the next tourist attraction for Watamu

Researchers from Watamu Marine Association in Malindi Sub County have found out that more than 200 whales visit the deep waters of Watamu in the months July and August, where they give birth and after the two months, leave for the deep waters of Madagascar Island.

Speaking to the press in Watamu on Thursday, the association spokesperson, Michael Mwang’ombe said a single beach operator can make approximately Sh.5 million from tourists who watch the whales during the peak season.

Mwang’ombe said, Whales visit this area every year as the tourist season peaks, therefore we are urging the government to establish an annual event of celebrations of watching these giant water mammals so as to attract more tourists in the country.

He also said already a number of islands in the African continent are marking the day of special celebrations of watching whales, hence attracting many international tourists, adding that Kenya should have a replica of the same and exploit such a special economic opportunity.

Source: Kenya News Agency