“We cannot resolve your boundary dispute”- NLC tells Nandi residents

National Land Commission (NLC) has clarified it does not have the legal mandate to arbitrate boundary disputes between counties, contrary to expectations by residents of counties wrangling over their common administrative borders.

Dr. Samuel Tororey, the Chair of the Historical Land Injustices Committee (HLIC) of the NLC, Tuesday told residents of Nandi County that boundary issues amongst counties are within the jurisdiction of the Senate,adding, the Commission only deals with individuals pursuing their rights to specific land parcels.

I have been petitioned by residents of this county with demands that I as chair of HLIC restore Nandi’s boundaries, but I have been at a loss what to make of these demands, said Dr. Tororey.

Addressing the press at the County headquarters in Kapsabet, Dr. Tororey said his committee will assist individuals whose ancestral parcels of land were illegally taken to repossess the same wherever the land may be.

Pursue your injustices claims vigorously and the commission will listen to you impartially. If your land historically is in Uasin Gishu, go claim it and be a resident there but do not ask us to redraw boundaries to extend your current county to where your land parcel is.

He urged residents to differentiate between land claims, arising from historical injustices and other claims outside the purview of the commission.

Dr. Tororey made the remarks at the beginning of a three day tour of Nandi County by commissioners of the HLIC to undertake hearings by parties tussling over claims to tracts of land some of which stretch back to the colonial period.

Nandi Governor, Stephen Sang said his administration will not make any formal applications to the committee to resolve the disputed boundary with neighbouring Kisumu county.

Governor Sang said the county will wait for a commission on county boundaries to be constituted by Parliament to decide on the matter.

He however reiterated that his Kisumu counterpart, Governor Anyang Nyong’o and himself have undertaken to deliberately divorce the border dispute from political debate platforms and resolve the same through legal mechanisms to settle the matter once and for all.

You will not hear of flare ups and conflict along the border of Nandi and Kisumu counties. The issues will be taken to the legally mandated institutions for resolution and wananchi should stay put and await the verdict, said Sang.

He pledged that the peace currently witnessed along the border with neighbouring Kisumu County will last for a long time, because the issues previously used to create conflict have been isolated and presented before relevant agencies for processing.

Source: Kenya News Agency