Water firm boss resigns, welcomes audit of Konza city projects

The Managing Director of crisis-ridden Nol-Turesh/ Loitokitok Water and Sanitation Company has resigned with immediate effect.

Jeremy Mutende tendered his resignation on Thursday morning, a day after the Company’s Board of Directors met to discuss, among other things, a Sh.60M audit query on a project funded by the Konza Technopolis Development Authority.

Mutende, who joined the Company in 2014, said he resigned to pave way for audit of any aspect related to the entire operations of the growing water company.

He tendered his resignation letter to his Board Chairman, Timothy Kerempu.

His resignation letter read in part; Kindly take this correspondence as my resignation as Managing Director. I step aside to allow any audit to be carried on any aspect regarding the entire operations of the company, said Mutende.

The Nol-Turesh Water Company, which draws water from Mt. Kilimanjaro and supplies it to Kajiado, Makueni and Machakos counties, was last week embroiled in allegations of misuse of Sh60M said to have been a loan from Water Services Trust Fund.

However, when the board met on Monday at the Sultan Hamud Headquarters, it ruled out any probe on the project, saying it (the project) was ongoing.

The Board chairman said that no conclusive audit could be carried out on a project that was still underway and an audit would be done once the project was completed.

Incorrect media reports insinuated the misuse of Sh.60 million. This figure is the value of the entire project. Surely, it can’t all be misused yet we are on the last phase of the project, said Kerempu

However, Mutende’s move could be seen as a product of a tug of war between various water stakeholders, some of whom have benefitted from the Nol-Turesh water illegally.

I am moving away on my own volition. We had managed to connect water to towns such as Kajiado, Isinya and Mashuuru. That journey should not be stopped even after I leave, he said.

Mutende resigns amid a revelation by the firm that 75 per cent of Nol-Turesh Water is not paid for thus affecting its services.

He alleged the non-revenue water resulted from water cartels that had diverted water from Loitokitok hills to irrigate private farms.

The pipeline serves Kajiado, Makueni and Machakos Counties and its water has been cited as a flagship project by Kajiado Governor, Joseph Ole Lenku.

Source: Kenya News Agency