Water Crisis Hits Masalani

Residents of Masalani town in Garissa county are staring at an epidemic following the disconnection of water supply due to accrued unpaid bill amounting to Ksh 200,000.

Residents have resorted to raw water suppliers risking their health since the Kenya Power Company switched off their suppliers to the water company over the pending bills

As a result, eateries and public utility services are using untreated water from unknown sources posing a serious health hazard.

Women and children were queuing the whole day at the only dilapidated water supply waiting to get the precious commodity.

Talking to KNA a Kenya Power official who sought anonymity said the company disconnected electricity from the intake area and the water supply causing the shortage adding that the county government of Garissa has delayed the payment of electricity forcing the move.

The source added that the company has been using a generator to pump water to the expansive town arguing that failure to settle bills made the running of the machine expensive as it requires over 80 liters of diesel per day.

Source: Kenya News Agency