War on Thika Gamblers Intensifies

Thika DCC Douglas Mutai has directed Chiefs and their assistants in the areas to crackdown on gambling dens in order to stop the proliferation of gambling in the area.

Mutai said that it was dis-heartening to see the damage gambling has done to local youth and school going children.

The DCC added that the government was not going to watch as a group of unscrupulous business people messed up the future of the youth through cheap gambling machines.

Consequently, the Chief of Makongeni location Daniel Waiguru led his team in setting ablaze 33 betting machines that had been confiscated from the vast Makongeni and Kiganjo estates.

The Chiefs have up to tomorrow Friday 8th June 2018 to ensure that all gambling dens were gotten rid of.

The DCC said that they resorted to burning the machines after efforts to fight the menace were rendered fruitless by frequent court orders restraining attempts to stop the increase of the machines right into the grass root estates.

All these gambling dens are illegal and most of these machines are operated by locals on behalf of foreigners who are in the country illegally, explained a source in the police station.

He added that gambling, had contributed to truancy among students with some ending up dropping out from school.

The machines have led to students stealing coins for betting. They have contributed to a lot of immorality and crime. Families are breaking up as parents are also getting hooked into this gambling, revealed the source.

KNA spoke to several local residents who admitted that the betting machines had also attracted women and mothers who now use money from the family budget to feed their addictive habit.

Source: Kenya News Agency