Wamathai defends use of Kikuyu language during Madaraka Day

The Nyeri Governor, Samuel Wamathai has explained why he spoke in Kikuyu language during Madaraka day celebrations held in Nyeri on June 1 this year.

Governor Wamathai said that he was talking on behalf of the Mau Mau veterans and had to use a language that they understood, adding by using the vernacular language, he was able to speak not only to their hearts but to their souls too.

The governor further said that he had to highlight the plight of the veterans who were still living in colonial villages to the Head of State so that the thorny issue could be addressed once and for all.

While addressing the function later, the President directed the Ministry of Lands to issue all those living in colonial villages with title deeds within three weeks.

Speaking on Thursday at Karatina County hall where he met the local business community and area leaders, Wamathai, who is defending the seat as an independent candidate in the forthcoming polls, said that people should not be ashamed of using a native tongue, citing the use of French by the French citizenry.

He also downplayed claims that he bleached protocol, saying that he had worked as a senior civil servant and he understood government protocol well.

I have been a career civil servant for almost two decades and rose to the rank of an ambassador and I am well versed with national and international protocol, he said.

The governor added that the presidential directive that residents of colonial villages be issued with title deeds was being implemented.

Wamathai defended his development record and experience as a civil servant, saying that he was the best placed to lead the County.

Source: Kenya News Agency