Wajir MCAs resolve to impeach assembly speaker and unseat clerk

Thirty-two Wajir County assembly members now want to impeach the county speaker and unseat the county assembly clerk.

In a heated meeting at Kilimanjaro Hotel in Nairobi, the MCAs resolved to move ahead with the plan which revolves around unpaid allowances and lack of commitment by the county speaker to champion the representatives’ welfare. The majority of the MCAs are drawn from Wajir South, Tarbaj and Wajir West.

According to an MCA who spoke to KNA over the phone on condition of anonymity, the meeting was called after the representatives felt that the clerk was not ready to pay for their travel allowances to and from Wajir and accommodation in Nairobi.

The MCAs were in Nairobi for training organized by Ahadi Kenya Trust Foundation which however cancelled the event since majority of the elected officials declined to attend. We were informed to use our own means to Nairobi and later claim the money, disclosed the MCA from Wajir town.

The speaker who is supposed to protect our welfare is conspicuously silent and seems unbothered by what is happening to us, he added. As a result, the representatives have resolved to travel back to Wajir and initiate the impeachment process against the Speaker and County Clerk.

Speaking to the Media in Wajir town Monday, the County Assembly Clerk Osman Mohamed Adan said that he was not aware of the Nairobi meeting, adding that any move to remove him would be in vain.

I am not aware of such a move. But in any case, clerk of the county assembly is not a state officer under the Kenyan laws and removal of the clerk can only be done by the public service board, reiterated the Clerk.

According to the clerk, the Wajir County Assembly is yet to constitute the County Assembly Service Board which has the Authority to appoint persons to hold or act in offices of the County Public Service. The County Assembly Speaker Ibrahim Ahmed on his part said he has cordial relations with the MCAs.

The only thing I am aware of is that we are resuming business at the assembly tomorrow, Tuesday reiterated a confident Speaker. The disgruntled MCAs now want the Governor Mohamed Adi to intervene and resolve the matter.

Source: Kenya News Agency