Waiguru to get back grabbed public land

Kirinyaga Jubilee gubernatorial candidate, Ms Ann Waiguru has intensified her campaigns by putting on notice those who have grabbed public land.

She expressed outrage over the grabbing of land meant for research in the area and wondered how the county would attain its sustainable goals without land for extensive research.

I am aware that land set aside for the Kenya Agricultural Research and Livestock Organization (KARLO),within Kimbimbi and Mathangauta villages, Mwea has been grabbed but let me assure you that whether the grabbers have developed it or not, we will revoke any such illegal possessions,” she said.

Waiguru said research is key to any development and all land in the county set aside for the purpose but grabbed must be surrendered voluntarily before her administration moves in.

Speaking at Kimbimbi market while on her campaign trail, Waiguru promised Mwea residents they will be supplied with clean water and proper infrastructure.

”Most of the roads both major and feeder ones in this area are in a sorry state due to many years of neglect and my team is in the process of compiling a list we will use to improve such roads on priority basis if elected,” she said.

She said the area being a settlement and an irrigation scheme was faced with numerous problems due to the existing colonial rules yet to be repealed.

”Since we attained our Independence 54 years ago, the colonial rules still exists within the Mwea Irrigation scheme and my priority will be to have them repealed for the good of the Residents,” she promised.

She said it was pity rice farmers still lived at the scheme as tenants who were subjects of the National Irrigation Board yet they are Kenyans like the rest.

Her running mate, Peter Ndambiri who hails from the area urged the residents to vote for Waiguru who has promised to provide a servant and transformative leadership if elected to office come the August 8, general elections.

Source: Kenya News Agency