Wabukala calls for vote to curb greedy officials


Anglican Church of Kenya Archbishop Eliud Wabukala has called for a national referendum to cap salaries of elected officials and save the country from “greedy leaders”.

“I call on all Christians and religious persons to come together and deliver this country from the hands of power and money-hungry leaders,” he said on Saturday at ACK St James Cathedral in Murang’a town.

Elected leaders keep awarding themselves more money and “threaten to cripple our economy,” he the archbishop added.

He urged the religious community to sponsor a referendum motion in the National Assembly.

Wabukala said the referendum would ensure a scale of salaries is put in place for all elective positions.

“The religious community should form a third force to reform the country and liberate Kenyans from greedy leaders,” the archbishop said.

Kenyans have given a lot of importance to politics, which has resulted in awarding hefty salaries and allowances to politicians at the people’s expense, he said.

Wabukala said this has heightened appetite for money by those in power and has created cutthroat competition for political positions.

He said the referendum should be held before 2017 to ensure the country’s resources are not squandered in the next term.

Wabukala told governors, senators, MPs and MCAs to vie for their positions with a clear knowledge of the salaries they would get.

“The leaders get into political offices and hike their salaries, which bleeds the country,” he said.

Wabukala, who chairs the National Anti-Corruption Campaign Steering Committee, said the constitution gives Kenyans the right to save the country.

“We have moved away from the post-independence and the Moi eras. I suggest formation of another reform to salvage the country from the appetite of money and power,” he said.