Vulnerable children in Samburu in need of a rescue center

The Samburu county government has been challenged to construct a children protection unit as way of dealing with the escalating number of street children in Maralal town.

Speaking to KNA, Samburu County Children’s Co-ordinator Jane Kabiru said that more than 500 orphans and vulnerable children’s fate, living in eleven charitable children institutions in the county hangs in the balance.

Kabiru noted that the national government through the department of children services has stopped registering new Charitable Children Institutions (CCIs) or even renewing the licenses of the existing ones.

Three institutions are seeking registration while eight are already due for renewal but we are not registering new CCIs or renewing registrations, Kabiru.

As a result, Kabiru noted that the department of children services is facing challenges on where to place rescued children.

The couty government should set money aside for the construction of a child protection unit to ensure that minors in conflict with the law or those in need of care and protection are safe.

The nearest children rescue centre from Samburu is in Nakuru county. She noted.

She said that their efforts in children rescue missions are trashed at the final stage since, we rescue children from early marriages and FGM but we have nowhere to take them.

The county children coordinator said that her office in now trying to engage in sensitization and community trainings on alternative measures such as adoption of such children by their extended families.

Kabiru noted that On 15th December 2017, a Wamba court sentenced a 12 year old boy to two years in prison and the minor is being held at the Maralal GK prison which is an adult facility.

Lack of a rescue center leads to violation of children’s rights such as jailing them in adult facilities. She added.

All the eleven CCIs in Samburu are privately owned with most of them concentrated in Samburu Central and East sub counties.

Source: Kenya News Agency