Voi mother kills infant after husband disowns him

A 27-year old woman in Voi County murdered her one-week old infant after her husband said he could not bring up another man’s baby.

The Friday night incident left the residents of Dambi village in Sagalla area stunned with majority wondering what pushed the woman to a breaking point and made her commit the heinous act.

A village elder, Mwachoki Mgema said no one thought a mere domestic dispute over the identity of the baby’s father would end in murder.

He said the woman and her husband had separated for over one year and later resolved their differences and started living together again.

After only a few months, the husband discovered the wife’s pregnancy was too advanced to be his but nevertheless they decided to live together even after the baby is born. Sadly, the husband apparently revisited the topic of the baby’s father. He said he would not raise another man’s child and sent her back to her parents, said Mr. Mgema.

The husband further insisted that the woman leave him with their two other children aged 4 and 2.

Too scared by the prospects of going back with unwanted baby, the mother decided to kill it. She waited until she was alone in the house and suffocated the baby to death, Mgema added.

He said when her mother-in-law came back at night, she demanded to feed the baby only to be brought the cold body of the week-old boy.

She started screaming and neighbors came. The wife claimed she was very stressed because her husband had said he won’t recognize the boy, said the elder.

Area Assistant Chief, Ms. Grace Chaka said police arrested the woman on being alerted about the incident.

Confirming the incident, Voi OCPD, Joseph Chesire, said the suspect was being held at Voi Police Station and would be arraigned in court on Monday after a psychiatric evaluation.

He called for a need for dialogue amongst family members as a way of resolving domestic disputes.

This is a young family and such things should not happen. There is need to find alternative ways to handle disputes between couples, he said.

Source: Kenya News Agency