Villagers bar a family from burying one of their children

Drama ensued in Gitaro Village of Murang’a County after neighbours and relatives moved in to stop a family from burying their 8-year old boy in secrecy.

The class two-pupil died on Wednesday morning allegedly from a stomachache and the family moved on to bury the child later in the day.

When relatives and villagers heard about the incident, they swiftly intervened stopping the burial and alerted the authorities who moved in and removed the body to Muriranjas Hospital mortuary.

The villagers accused the family of living in exclusion and practicing a religious faith which did not conform to the community’s traditions.

The home is alleged to be also a sanctuary of a particular sect which villagers claim do not understand the way they worship.

Uncle to the deceased, Mr. Jackson Njoroge said he was informed about the death but when he arrived at the home in the afternoon he was shocked to see a coffin and grave ready for burial.

We were suspicious of the act, since we do not know what killed our child and it is also against our tradition to bury someone on the same day he passed on; I have never witnessed such an incident before, reiterated Njoroge.

Njoroge explained that the family was a member of a sect which did not allow sick people to be taken to hospital.

The deceased had in the past a broken hand but it forced police and teachers to intervene and take the boy to hospital and we are not going to allow burial to proceed until postmortem is done to inform cause of death, said Njoroge.

Kahuro OCPD, Mr. David Kandie said he was alerted about the incident by locals and police moved swiftly and took the body to mortuary.

He said investigations would be done to ascertain cause of the death and if it will be found it was due to parental negligence, the parents will be charged in court.

Source: Kenya News Agency