Village in fear after mysterious fire razes three houses

Villagers of Kirwire in Kiang’ondu, ChukaIgambaNg’ombe constituency, Tharaka-Nithi County are living in fear after a mysterious fire burnt three houses in one homestead in quick succession.

The first fire happened on Monday morning and reduced to ashes the house of Alice Kaari, 45, a widow who lives in the house with her 18 year old daughter as the two were in a neighbour’s house where they do domestic chores.

And in a strange turn of events the widow’s nephew’s house, where she and her daughter sought shelter, caught fire on Tuesday at noon.

After the second fire, security team led by area Deputy County Commissioner Mr. Omar Beja visited the village and directed the area chief Mr. Joseph Gitonga to ensure security to establish whether the fire was being caused by criminals.

However, shortly after the DCC left together with a team of religious leaders who had conducted prayers to ostensibly exorcise demons suspected to be behind the fires, a third fire broke out and gutted the third house.

Following the mysterious incidences, the frightened villagers have started fleeing their homes to seek refuge in the neighbourhood for fear that the fires could spread to their compounds.

The unexplained fires have also baffled the local firefighters who said that they have tried to put out the fire on all three incidents unsuccessfully.

During the three incidences my men were not able to save anything and neighbours have been telling us no one noticed any smoke as the fires were breaking out, Mr. Alex Mugambi the Tharaka-Nithi Fire Brigade Chief said.

Source: Kenya News Agency