Village celebrates with Murang’a granny as she turns 125


A woman from Ng’araria village, Kandara subcounty, celebrated 125 years on Sunday.

Villagers flocked to the home of Gladys Wahuang’a, who has 44 grandchildren, 67 great-grandchildren and 10 great-great-grandchildren.

When asked when she was born, she said she is “as old as heaven and earth”. Wahuang’a said she draws inspiration from her large family.

She said her favourite food is matoke, arrowroots and other traditional foods, “which have kept me strong”.

The granny, who has a few teeth remaining, surprised many when she effortlessly cleared a plate of chapati, rice and stew.

“She calls us for meetings and even pays our travel expenses to solve any disagreements among family members,” Wahuang’a’s grandson Kenneth Muhuang’a said.