Vihiga traders asked to maintain hygiene to guard against outbreak of contagious diseases

Traders in Vihiga County have been urged to maintain high levels of hygiene to curb outbreak of contagious diseases as heavy rains continue to pound the area.

Kennedy Avisa, an officer in county government’s Department of Trade and Tourism, made the appeal when he led an inspection team that toured all major markets in the entire county on Saturday.

Avisa singled out Serem, Shamakhokho, Mudete, Chavakali, Majengo, Gamboji and Luanda as some of the markets affected by heavy rains and were at risk of experiencing outbreak of infectious diseases like cholera.

At every market, the team encouraged traders to take safety precautions, which included ensuring clean stalls and kiosks. Other precautionary measures include packaged commodities properly before selling to clients, digging simple trenches for draining away stagnant water and maintaining high standards of individual hygiene.

Am calling upon all traders to remain disciplined and ensure their areas of operation remain thoroughly cleaned to possible outbreak of transmittable diseases in the region, urged the trade officer.

He ordered for immediate demolition of kiosks erected on top of water drainage systems.

Such kiosks are the main reason for constant blockage of water drainage systems in our markets, observed Avisa, who warned the county government would bring down the kiosks at owners’ costs in case they failed to comply with the order.

Source: Kenya News Agency