Vihiga residents warned against consuming roadside foodstuffs

Traders in Emuhaya and Luanda sub-counties in Vihiga County have been requested to respect public health warnings in order to prevent cholera outbreak.

Emuhaya and Luanda Chapter Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairperson, Mrs. Wycliffe Matimu expressed disappointment over what he described as local traders’ contempt of public notices by local public health department in the wake of reported cholera deaths in neighbouring Kisumu County.

Matimu made the remarks when he spoke to Kenya News Agency on Tuesday also thanked the health department for putting in place stringent preventive measures against cholera outbreak, said Matimu.

The official appealed to locals and visitors to stop risking their health by buying foodstuffs from unlicensed food kiosks, especially from roadside vendors until the cholera menace is sufficiently addressed in the country, he added.

He asked area health public officers in conjunction with the security officers to roundup traders who were ignoring the public health notices.

The chamber of commerce will not defend any trader arrested for compromising health standards or disrespectful of health laws, cautioned Matimu.

Source: Kenya News Agency