Vihiga Official Disowns 70 County Staff

VIHIGA Agriculture executive Halima Abdi has said she was out of the country when 70 people were employed irregularly in her department.

The chief officer Moses Andagalu did not consult her when he made the appointments, she told three assembly committees (Agriculture, Labour and Finance) on Monday.

“I was on official duty in China and when I came back, there were so many strangers in the corridors,” she said.

The executive was being questioned following a petition by the 70 workers, who want to be employed on a permanent basis and paid all their salary arrears.

Abdi said Andagalu took advantage of her because she was still new in the department after she was moved in a reshuffle.

She said she has a poor working relationship with him.

Abdi said she wrote to the County Public Service Board in March over the matter.

However, Andagalu said he was instructed by his seniors to recruit.

“From common sense I cannot employ 70 people alone,” he said.

“I was forced and instructed from above but I cannot say by whom.”

The three committees’ joint report will be tabled in the assembly next week for debate.