Varsities, religious organizations urged to propagate for peace

Varsities and religious organizations must be in the forefront to ensure peace, love and unity prevailed in the country, Mount Kenya University (MKU) Founder and Board of Directors Chairman, Simon Gicharu has said.

Speaking on Saturday after attending a fellowship service organized by MKU Christian Union at the main campus in Thika, Gicharu said universities ought to be in the forefront in propagating for peace.

This is why MKU is spending Shs.12 million to organize the first ever peace security and social enterprise conference at a Nairobi hotel on May 16-19, not only to deliberate on peace but also find strategies of ensuring we have sustainable harmony, he said.

The chairman said university students were very bright and vulnerable and could be easily be misused by politicians to cause chaos for selfish gain.

This is why we are bringing experts from the whole world to come and deliberate on long term strategies of peace sustenance, said Gicharu.

He said the issue of youth unemployment was a global challenge and that was why the university had come up with Graduate Enterprise Academy (GEA) to promote youth to be job creators and not job seekers.

Gicharu said most Kenyans were religious and God fearing people, thus religious leaders must come together and preach peace in this country.

We don’t want to see religious organizations and leaders coming together to seek remedial solutions when things have gone bad. They should promote preventive and not curative measures, he said.

Gicharu said he would continue to help the youth exploit their talents. We want the youths to fully exploit their potential. We will give them the necessary assistance and guidance to achieve their dreams, he added.

The chairman commended the government through HELB for sponsoring students from both public and private higher institutions of learning.

The service was attended by among others gospel artist, Daddy Owen and Kenya’s Envoy to Nigeria, Josephat Vindinyo.

Source: Kenya News Agency