Vandalism and theft of transformers in Homa bay County

Kenya Power has expressed concern over increased vandalism and theft of transformers in Homa Bay County, which has made the company to incur losses of more than 20 million.

Homa Bay County Business Manager, Alex Amboko said the company had lost 20 transformers due to vandalism in the last 12 months.

We have lost several transformers within this financial year as a cartel damaged them with an aim of reselling them as scrape metals, he said.

Speaking to KNA in Homa Bay Town, Amboko blamed uncertified and unlicensed technicians for the losses.

He said most residents contract electrical technicians who are not qualified to connect electricity to homes.

According to the manager, the technicians contribute a lot to frequent power outages in the region.

Some technicians do shoddy works which in turn backfires and affect electricity supply in the entire neighborhood. Residents need to contract people who are qualified, said Amboko.

Amboko added that the cartel steal prepaid metres from homes and resell them to unsuspecting residents.

Buying of already installed prepaid metres is cropping up in Homa Bay County. It is safer to buy metres through the official means to get good and quality supply of power, he said.

He blamed the uncertified technicians of using substandard cables which are very dangerous in connections.

Amboko said the company incurs huge losses during power outages causedby faulty lines.

At the same time, Amboko called on both national and county government officials to ensure that they settled their bills in time, saying they owe the company more than 200 million as outstanding unpaid bills.

Source: Kenya News Agency