Value the Disabled, Says Wajir Governor

People living with disability in Wajir county are being neglected and discriminated against, Governor Ahmed Abdullahi said on Saturday.

He said it is disheartening to see the society shun the physically and mentally challenged children and treat them as outcasts.

“It doesn’t have to get to this level. Our people must learn to love and respect everybody in the society despite their physical and mental challenges. It is unfair and ungodly to discriminate against children because they were born with a physical condition,” Abdullahi said.

He spoke in Wajir town after flagging off the Wajir County Desert Wheel Race primaries.

The race aims to promote access to education for children living with disability.

Abdullahi said his administration has set aside Sh10 million for the disabled people this financial year.

He said the money will be increased.

Abdullahi said he has appointed two executives living with disability.

He said more than 30 disabled people are working with the executive and 10 with the assembly.

Abdullahi said people living with disability have shown they can do better than the “physically blessed” if they are given equal opportunity.

He said the perception of most people that disabled children are a sign of a curse to their families has condemned them to a life of bondage.

Abdullahi called on the national government to waive the tax on imported wheelchairs.