Use innovation hubs to support Ajira Initiative

Members of Parliament (MP) should fully support Ajira initiative by revitalizing the Constituency Innovation Hubs to tackle unemployment challenges.

The Advisor, Innovations and Digitization Ecosystem in the Ministry of Information, Communication and Technology (ICT), Nyimbi Odero said the government has rolled out a minimum of four Constituency Innovation Hubs per constituency expected to facilitate Ajira.

However, Odero emphasized that this calls for active involvement of MPs considering that only very few legislators have so far embraced the program.

He singled out Mathioya, Kajiado and Limuru as the only constituencies which had fully integrated the program.

We need more MPs to take it up to help address the lack of job opportunities in their constituencies, Odero added

The Advisor made the remarks on Monday morning while opening Ajira training at Tom Mboya Labour College, Kisumu. He was accompanied by the Deputy Director of Information, Esther Wanjau.

He stated that the Constituency Innovation Hubs were well planned for by the National Government and it was prudent that the legislators take full advantage of the facilities to encourage the youth to exploit the existing millions of job opportunities.

The turnout for the Ajira training was complete and we expect the trainees to be fully committed to getting quality content. Evidently, there has been quite a lot of interest on working online with over 40, 000 Kenyans already doing it, said Odero.

He said it was the Cabinet Secretary (CS), Joe Mucheru’s position that Kenya should become the global hub for online work, considering that we have talented, highly educated and literate population to take up online work challenge.

Odero explained that respective County governments were deeply involved in facilitating the Ajira program in order to ensure that beyond the training, the youth would be able to do the work and pass on the skills to colleagues at the grassroots.

Wanjau pointed out that the ICT Ministry was empowering the participants of Ajira training to go out and get jobs online so that they may feel confident enough to better their economic status.

This is after acquiring the correct skills to be fired to become more aggressive in surfing the internet for the lucrative online jobs. The young people are able to grasp the knowledge and run with it, she stated.

The Deputy Director said that the ICT Ministry was training 10, 000 youths who were expected to create a ripple effect by training other youths who may not have been lucky to participate in the program immediately.

Wanjau said that the government has facilitated the Constituency Innovation Hubs right at the MPs’ doorstep as it was envisaged to benefit all citizens in all the 47 counties across the country.

Source: Kenya News Agency