US government calls for punitive action on corrupt individuals

Outgoing USA Ambassador to Kenya Robert Godec has called on government to strengthen accountability and procurement processes to tame corruption in the country.

Godec called for punitive action against those engaging in the vice, adding that his country will continue to offer both technical and financial assistance to various institutions including Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) in order to strengthen its capacity to tackle the vice.

Godec made the remarks Tuesday morning when he held a session with bureau chiefs from leading media houses in Kisumu town.

The ambassador asked Kenyans to be on the lookout and hold leaders accountable, saying this was critical in exposing those engaging in the vice.

Godec recalled that last May, the US government suspended direct funding to the Ministry of health over allegations of corruption over what he termed as weak accounting and procurement systems.

He said the USA, as a key partner to Kenya was interested in seeing the country succeed but he emphasized that the country must be able to chart her own way.

Source: Kenya News Agency