Urchins Will Go to Approved Schools

All street urchins in Mombasa will soon be taken to approved schools in Likoni and Borstal Institution at Shanzu.

The Mombasa county assembly says the urchins are a menace to pedestrians and a threat to security.

The MCAs were debating a report on the status of street children that was tabled in the House on Wednesday.

They said children who refuse to be taken to approved school will be locked up by police.

The report showed there is no fund for street children, therefore, there were no audited accounts.

The Committee on Early Childhood, Education and Vocational Training, which compiled the report, recommended stiff penalties for parents who abandon their children to the streets.

The representatives said the number of street urchins has increased drastically and they have become unruly.

The Department of Children in Mombasa county will hold a meeting on August 4 to iron out the proposal before it is implemented.

Speaker Thadius Rajwayi directed the committee to come up with a conclusive report before the proposal is considered for adoption.

“The majority of these children come from Kilifi county. Find the whereabouts of their families,” he said.

Rajwayi also urged the committee to follow the constitution and respect individual rights in making.