UoN Students Thrilled As US Choppers Land, Stir Hopes for Obama Talk

US military choppers landed at the University of Nairobi graduation square on Thursday, stirring up hopes for an address by Barack Obama.

Students excited by the possibility of a public lecture said a security drill was conducted.

The aircraft were also seen flying over the Central Business District.

Sonu chairman Babu Owino, who welcomed the choppers, said the visit showed that UoN is still the best university in the region.

Owino thanked Obama for visiting Kenya saying students from the institution will pray for a safe trip.

He said he will be happy to meet Obama to thank him on behalf of the students.

Owino has been pushing for Obama to visit UoN, saying students threatened to commit suicide and urinate on a tree he planted as Illinois Senator in 2006.

President Uhuru Kenyatta dismissed his letter to the US Ambassador as “nonsensical” but invited him to a state dinner, set for Saturday.

On Tuesday, Obama’s Marine One helicopter landed at the Kenyatta University Amphitheatre for a drill, in preparation for the president’s public lecture.

Marine One is the official US president helicopter carrier for trips within a country which means Obama will use it and not his limo, popularly known as The Beast.

Obama’s motorcade arrived on Wednesday ahead of his expected arrival on Friday morning.

Traffic police advised motorists to use alternative routes as major highways will be closed for the weekend.

Flights between Kenya and Somalia were also suspended with immediate effect until the US President leaves the country on Sunday evening.