Unregistered private schools in Mombasa County face closure

The Ministry of Education will close down private schools in Mombasa County that are not duly registered.

Both secondary and primary schools risk immediate closure if they will not register their operations with the Ministry of Education.

Changamwe Sub-County Quality Assurance and Standard Officer Sylvester Wauye said any school operating without a valid certificate of registration from the Ministry was conducting illegal business.

He said mushrooming of sub-standard private schools in the county have contributed to the overall poor performance in the national examinations.

We are going to carry out investigations and any school found without a valid certificate of registration will be closed immediately, said Wauye.

The education official was speaking on Saturday during a graduation ceremony of Leads Group of Schools in Jomvu constituency.

Mr. Wauye noted that private schools were playing a critical role in the education sector but said this should not compromise the quality of education and safety of the children.

He directed all schools in the area to embrace the new curriculum and ensure their teachers are well trained and equipped with the necessary skills.

The Director of the school Elizabeth Nafula lauded the government for the bold move to introduce the new education system.

She said the new curriculum was favorable to pupils and will ensure provision of quality education and talent development.

Source: Kenya News Agency