University student drowns at a river in Kirinyaga

A family in Embu County is mourning the death of their son who drowned at a river in Kirinyaga County after being at the local University for a month.

Simon Njiru Nyaga, 20, enrolled as a first year student at Kirinyaga University this September and went on a swimming expedition with colleagues at Thiba River on Sunday afternoon where he drowned.

According to his colleague Ian Mwiti, they went to swim but apparently Nyaga swam against strong river current and was unable to maintain balance.

We only saw him raising his hands in a desperate situation but the point of the river that he had been pushed to, was too dangerous due to strong currents that prevailed and he was immersed into the massive water, Mwiti recalled.

He added they raised an alarm after calling out his name and realised he was not answering nor showing up.

Residents of the nearby Kithakwa village responded immediately and embarked on a search mission from 3pm when the student drowned.

We continued with the search and later we were joined by Administration Police officers from Kutus town but the search was in vain after which it was called off, Mwiti said.

Yesterday, some women from the village spotted his body floating at the edge of the river and alerted the police who managed to retrieve it shortly after mid-day.

The body of the Commerce student was removed to a private morgue in Kutus town for postmodern examination.

Two years ago, another first year student at the Animal Health and Industry Training Institute (AHITI), Ndomba drowned in the river while swimming.

Source: Kenya News Agency