Ugandan comedy queen Kansiime to tour Bostwana, SA

Comedy queen Anne Kansiime makes a return to Botswana this month, exactly a year after she made her maiden appearance in the diamond-rich nation.
Kansiime had two sold-out shows in Botswana late last year and has been booked again for October 30 in Gaborone.
Soulfood Comedy spokesperson Karabo Musa said the award-winning comedienne was thrilled by last year’s reception and is keen on returning.
“She already has her whole year planned out. When we asked her to come back she was so excited saying she would drop almost anything to come back to Botswana,” said Musa.
According to Musa, Kansiime reckons Batswana are among the most hospitable hosts in the world.
“She was very impressed. She says of all the countries she has visited, Botswana and Batswana were more welcoming. She wanted to make sure she comes back, I couldn’t believe it myself.”
Musa said after the two sold out shows last year, they made sure they booked a bigger space this time.
Fan base
Kansiime has a huge fan base in Botswana and the upcoming show dubbed ‘One Night Only’ looks likely to pull huge crowds.
“I am definitely driving down to witness this show, I really love her. I make sure I watch her clips every week,” said Tumelo Rohle, who resides some 450km from Gaborone in Tutume.
Kansiime’s supporting acts this time around include Botswana’s Enigma, Thulane Tau and South Africa’s Celeste Nthuli.
Straight after the Botswana show, Kansiime will have another one in Mafikeng, South Africa, on October 31.
Kansiime recently released a D dubbed ‘Best of Kansiime Anne 8: Best Compilation of 2015.’
Tickets will be on sale at $25 for general tickets, $45 double and $60 for VIP.