Two University Staffers Killed in Ambush in Eastern Kenya

Two staff members of a technical college were killed Tuesday when their convoy was ambushed while driving along Kenya’s Indian Ocean coast.

Regional police chief Larry Kieng said a group of students and staff members from the Technical University of Mombasa were being ferried from their residences to the campus when a group of gunmen jumped out of the bushes and opened fire.

The driver of one of the vehicles and two police officers escorting the convoy were injured in the attack.

The gunmen have not been identified, but Kieng says al-Shabab militants are suspected to be involved. The Islamist militants have been carrying out attacks along the Kenyan coast in recent years. A group of al-Shabab gunmen killed 148 students during an attack on Garissa University in eastern Kenya on April 15, 2015.

Source: Voice of America