Two Kenyans abducted by Ethiopian security personnel released

Two residents from Moyale sub-county who were abducted by Ethiopian security personnel last Saturday have been freed.

Marsabit acting county police commander Mark Wanjala however said two government rifles taken during the incident were yet to be recovered.

Mr Wanjala said the duo; Huka Guyo and Halkano Sora were dropped by a car near the border on Wednesday evening.

He added that the two residents from Dadachakore in Bori village were exhausted but safe.

Mr Wanjala said the motive of the 8 am Saturday incident is yet to be established though initial investigations show that the Ethiopian military were in pursuit of suspected Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) militias.

The abducted men said they were held in three different locations during their captivity where they were interrogated about OLF.

The rifles taken away from reservists are yet to be returned.

By Sebastian Miriti