A displaced Kenyan cleric, Reverend John Mbugua, has sued the government, retired presidents Daniel Moi and Mwai Kibaki, United States Republican party presidential candidate Donald Trump, Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II and 90 others over historical injustices.

In suing former president Moi, he claims that he governed Kenya with an iron fist and brought Kenya’s economy to its knees. He argues that Moi must return all the benefits he has received under the country’s Retired President Benefits Act which was declared null and void by the court.

Former president Kibaki was included in the petition based on the allegations that he was the vice-president in a regime which witnessed wanton destruction of forests and water towers mainly those at Mt Kenya, Aberdares, Kaptagat, the largest water catchment area, Mau, and Cherengani among others.

Kibaki was also cited for signing nearly all detention orders as Vice-President and Home Affairs (Interior) Ministers charge of prisons.

Mbugua further claims that the first Attorney-General of Kenya, Charles Njonjo, failed as the principal government legal adviser to address the plight of pre-indendence Mau Mau fighters and instead criminalized them.

The Judicial Service Commission has also not been spared with claims that they advertised the auction of used vehicles at the judiciary, where Mercedes-Benz vehicles were sold at throw-away prices.

The petitioner argues in his documents that Donald Trump has threatened to deport millions of foreigners in the US, including Kenyans, and that this will amount to a catastrophe greater than World Wars I and ll.

He has also sued the Israeli Embassy here, alleging that it harassed him and took his fingerprints under the pretext that he was a terrorist.

Pending hearing and determination of the case, he wants the court to direct that all leaders associated with looting land in the country be compelled to return the land.

He also wants illegal immigrants from foreign countries to return the land they own in Kenya to the original owners.