Tuju tells Luo community to prepare for another president Uhuru Kenyatta term.

Jubilee party secretary general, Raphael Tuju challenged the Luo community to prepare for another president Uhuru Kenyatta term after the next general elections.

Tuju said that though the locals were over excited about the possibility of one of their own, NASA presidential candidate Raila Odinga trouncing president Uhuru Kenyatta during the August polls, they should equally be prepared to absorb the shock of losing to the Jubilee party candidate.

The secretary general at the same time condemned the recent violence that hit NASA presidential campaigns in Rarieda that has seen the independent electoral and boundaries commission suspend campaigns in Siaya county for one week.

Tuju, who was flanked by Jubilee party presidential campaign official in Nyanza, Steve Mwanga, was speaking at Aram in Rarieda constituency during the burial of the late David Habil Odongo.

The deceased was a brother to former managing director of the Kenya Pipeline Corporation, George Okungu.

The former cabinet minister said it was wrong for politicians who have sensed defeat to use the youths to instigate chaos with the hope of winning sympathy from the voters after shifting blame on their innocent opponents.

He said that it was the high time Nyanza residents begin reading political tide and align themselves with the winning teams, instead of banking all their hopes on one side, only to later cry of being abandoned.

Have you asked your selves what will happen after August 8th ,2017 if president Uhuru Kenyatta manages to retain his seat? he posed adding Incase Raila does not win, what will you do?.

Tuju said the community must not burn bridges with Jubilee as possibilities of it seeking solace in it after the general elections were very high.

He told the community to learn to appreciate development conscious leaders and stop the culture of being influenced by political waves to vote out those who disagree with Raila Odinga.

Here in Rarieda, most of the development projects, including water are the ones that I initiated. Even Dr. Oburu Odinga (Raila Odinga’s elder brother) drinks water from one of my projects, he said while lamenting that he was branded a traitor despite the numerous achievements.

On Siaya politics, the secretary general told the local voters to ensure that the best person who can manage their resources well was entrusted with the governorship position.

Source: Kenya News Agency