Trucks to be impounded in crackdown against illegal parking

Authorities in Mombasa have now announced that heavy commercial trucks parked in undesignated places in the coastal city would be impounded

The Heavy commercial vehicles are a nightmare on Mombasa’s narrow and traffic congested roads.

The County Commissioner (CC), said during a traffic consultative forum on Saturday that the operations against illegal parking of the trailers would start next week to ease vehicular traffic in the region.

He said the operation will mainly target major roads around the port of Mombasa where trucks waiting to go into the port for cargo loading are illegally parked.

The CC said residents and the business community complain of traffic jams and having trucks parked on the main roads and highways makes the traffic even worse.

‘Our message to truck operators is that we are serious about going after illegal parking for they contribute immensely to the traffic mess’ he said.

He went on, ‘trucks are free to enter and exit the port but we would not entertain haphazard parking of the heavy duty vehicles along the roads,’ he said.

He said trucks would be prohibited from using certain busy roads and lanes while going in and coming out of the port to avoid traffic gridlocks.

The Mombasa County Police Commander (CPC), Johnston Ipara said it was dangerous to have trucks parked on the streets especially petroleum trailers.

He said more traffic police and county traffic marshals would be deployed across Mombasa to help move traffic along to reduce congestions on the roads.

The Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) Coast Regional Manager, Eng. Jared Makori says about 5,000 trucks ply between Mombasa and Nairobi daily slowing down traffic flow.

There are not enough parking lots for these trucks as they wait their turn to enter the port and that is why as KeNHA we are currently building a parking bay in Miritini to alleviate the problem, he said.

He also said the ongoing construction of the Sh.24 billion Mombasa Southern Bypass once complete will ease the perennial traffic jam.

Source: Kenya News Agency