Treat My Hustle With Respect – Bamzigi

Rapper Bamzigi is tired of artistes who don’t respect his work as a record producer!

The rapper-cum producer, who a few years ago successfully recovered from a career-threatening drug addiction, says some artistes are acting funny, every time he takes them to his home recording studio. The former member of the iconic music group Necessary Noize alongside Nazizi and Wyre wants such artistes to simply “style up”.

He says: “Some artistes just don’t get why I like having meetings with potential clients before they come to the studio. First I want to tell what kind of artiste you are, what kind of music influences you, what kind of music you are attempting to make and to see how serious you are about doing a project. The whole point of having a home recording studio is privacy and providing a comfy environment for artistes to work. So I only want to take artistes to the studio only after we have made some sort of agreement that we are actually going to do a project.”

He adds, “Then there’s the annoying uneducated artistes who step in and first thing they say is ‘you don’t have a recording booth’. But this is a home recording studio. Most importantly, as long as you have the right gear and know what you are doing with today’s tech, you won’t have a problem recording high quality tracks. So to some Kenyan artists out there making us look bad, you should style up.”